Gmail – Message Sneak Peek Feature

Google has finally added “Message Sneak Peek” feature to Gmail labs. But what exactly is sneak peek. It is like a teaser. The contents of the mail pop-up in a small window, when you right-click on mail headers in your inbox.

Previously, users had to click open their mail to view its content. It was time consuming and not very technology savvy. Gmail account holders missed this important and basic function in Google’s web based mail service.

Although its addition has come as a big relief, it still lacks the punch. The message preview system of Yahoo and some of the other Email Clients are technologically more advanced than Gmail.

What I dislike about Gmail’s preview feature:

1. Missing Scrollbars from the preview window.

2. The preview window shows little content, which makes it difficult to interpret the message.

On the plus side,it does offer some important functions,such as,links for archiving and deleting. To activate this feature follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open the Gmail page ( account ).

2. Click on settings link ( at the top right ).

3. Click on the labs link.

4. Activate sneak peek widget.

Keyboard shortcut lovers will find Gmail’s shortcut keys a great way to shuffle through the mails. You can quickly take a peek at any email with the new ‘H’ shortcut. The keys can be activated via general settings.

The other shortcut keys are:

J – Move forward

K- Move back

Hope you liked this article on activating sneak peek feature in Gmail.