Free Christmas Sheet Music For Piano

So you’re looking for Christmas sheet music to play on the piano. And you want it for free.

Why not? You don’t have to pay for everything and when it comes to sheet music you shouldn’t have to.

In addition to the classic pieces you normally get during the Christmas season, you might also be interested in something “New Age.” What do I mean by New Age? Well, if you’ve ever listened to George Winston’s landmark album “December,” you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So lovely and poignant is this music that it literally created the genre know as New Age piano. If you’re looking for this kind of music to play on your piano, you’ll be hard pressed to find it.

The New Age genre does not sell as well as classical or jazz thus making it difficult to get sheet music for it … let alone free sheet music.

It just so happens that there is a blog that features New Age piano sheet music for free. And if you want to sample this genre, it’s a good place to start.

Yes, it’s my blog I’m talking about. And I just added some free Christmas sheet music for piano you’re going to love. It’s titled “Christmas Peace” and lets you improvise your own melody to a lovely left-hand accompaniment written by yours truly.

Find this sheet music at

The cool thing about the New Age style is the improvisation element. Instead of just playing some old music note for note, you get to make up your own unique melodies. It’s a lot of fun AND it teaches you how to “speak” the language of music.

“Christmas Peace” is in the Key of C major so it’s all on the white keys making for easy improvisation. Your left hand plays a repeating pattern. All you have to do now is add in your own unique melodies!