Forget About the Law of Attraction – Learn About Luck – Your Silent Partner

YOU and I, and everybody in the whole wide world, have a silent partner. He is the queerest fellow imaginable. We’ve never seen him, and we don’t rightly know his name.

His ways are mysterious past understanding; for he pops in and out of our lives like a Jack-in-the-Box. And no one can note his comings or goings, because he is invisible to human eyes. So he reveals his presence only by his works.

Yet how mighty are his deeds! This mysterious Silent Partner of ours can do almost anything. And he is no respecter of persons. He may take it into his head to pay a friendly call on the humblest man or woman and shower them with good things. He gives wealth to the poor man as quickly as he drops an extra million into the rich man’s lap. He brings health to the ailing, love to the love-lorn, and brightens countless drab lives.

And all this-free, gratis, for nothing! So far as we can see, our mysterious benefactor follows no set rules of conduct, but acts wholly according to his own sweet will and pleasure.

His choice of favorites is really extraordinary; for he may give a saint the go-by and then fill the empty pockets of some rapscallion who has never done anything to deserve it.

To be sure, he does drop in to see each one of us, now and then. But with many of us his visits are few and far

between, while he chums around with some other folks until it seems as though he were a Siamese twin-whereupon he whisks himself away as suddenly as he came.

When you have the laws of luck on your side, no one can stop you!