Fishing at Manitoba’s Rock Lake

Rock Lake is a several miles west of Pilot Mound, Manitoba. It was designed by damming off the Pembina River.

Coincidentally, you can also fish at the dam. The dam is not huge, but it truly is a beautiful very little spot. Most of the fish caught there are bullheads, but they can deliver some entertaining. Rock Lake itself has two public launches. 1 can be observed at the east close of the lake and the other at the west close of the lake. The launch at the east stop is quite shallow. There is no dock – you again your boat into the h2o. The location all around this start is also rather excellent for fishing from shore. Most of what is caught from the shore is pike, and the lake boasts some pretty big and feisty types. Due to the fact the lake is surrounded by significant rocks, it is possible to wander along the shore to come across a excellent fishing spot. The other launch is at the west conclusion of the lake. The west close has a summer time neighborhood of cabins, but it is rather small. The start itself receives deeper more rapidly than the a person at the east end, but the backing in is fairly steep as very well. Fairly a great deal straight throughout from the start on the west conclusion is a camp. There is a serious boat start there, but you have to endure several miles of gravel street to get there, and for those of us who test to maintain the paint on our boats, this is not the very best location to go with a boat you benefit.

Fishing from a boat delivers you with the very best probability of catching walleye on Rock Lake. Trolling in the vicinity of the shoreline, notably on the south facet can be gratifying. Of study course, each and every day is distinctive. You can go out a person day and catch your limit, and the up coming working day the only thing you may get is frustrated. For those of us who enjoy fishing, this is par for the study course. Fishing is as substantially about calming and remaining out in the excellent outdoors as it is about catching fish. The draw back to Rock Lake is that it is not a deep lake. What this indicates is that by the end of June right until into September/Oct, there is a large amount of algae in the h2o. This things gets caught in the outboard, and attaches itself to your hook. With persistence, there are spots that have a minimal of algae and the fishing can however be fairly superior even when the water reaches a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also a great deal of useless trees in the h2o, so hooking onto a branch is not unheard of. We have damaged pretty number of lines even when caught on a tree or department. It is commonly probable to free of charge the line without breaking it. There is, at this time, not that considerably advancement on the lake as significantly as cabins goes, but this is altering.

When we fish at Rock Lake, we will commonly take some salted minnows with us, largely out of practice. What is effective greatest at this lake, at minimum for us, are plastics. Yellow and black, greens, or an orange/yellow/environmentally friendly combination appear to generate the greatest achievement. We have never caught any massive pike or walleye at this lake, but a walleye in the 18 to 21 inch vary is a fantastic eating fish, and the lake abounds in this size.

Rock Lake does have some enjoyment boat targeted visitors – drinking water skiers, jet skis, etcetera. Most of these people today remain extra in the middle of the lake, and for the most aspect, fellow boaters consider to respect each individual other as much as speed and wake is anxious.