Fifteen Hit Songs With One Word Titles Ending With the Letter O

A category on an episode of Weekend Jeopardy from Saturday, April 22 centered on words that ended with the letter O. I cannot recollect exactly how I fared on those particular answers, mainly because I was thinking of a somewhat related topic.

My mind spent the rest of that game coming up with one word song titles that end with the letter O. Here are the fifteen most popular ones I ended up with.

“Bracero” by Phil Ochs

This paean to the Latin American migrant workers showcases the folk singer’s ability to point out social injustices in addition to the wars he so despised.

“Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Neil Young wrote this classic not long after four students wee gunned down by the National Guard at Kent State University.

“Chicago” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

This anthem is another anti-war song from the late sixties.

“Hello” by Lionel Richie

The video concept for the song seems a little dated now thirty years later, but the ex-Commodore certainly proved he could make enjoyable singles as a solo artist.

“Hostage-O” by Warren Zevon

The artist who charted with “Werewolves of London” twenty years prior recorded this lasts one and the rest of the Life’ll Kill Ya album with knowledge that he had a terminal illness.

“Desperado” by the Eagles

Before they traveled to Hotel California, the quintet reached the charts with this title track.

“Rio” by Duran Duran

A gorgeous video in rotation on the early days of MTV helped propel this title track to the Top Ten.

“Candy-O” by the Cars

This title track was a smaller hit than album mates like “Let’s Go” and “It’s All I Can Do.”

“Stiletto” by Billy Joel

The Piano Man addresses this tune from 52nd Street to a woman who is well-versed in carving hearts of the unlucky men who desire her.

“Velcro” by BellX1

The substance serves the indie band well here as a metaphor for a guy’s attachment to his lover.

“Domino” by Van Morrison

The horns help set this hit apart from his other classics, “Moon Dance” and “Brown Eyed Girl.”

“Buffalo” by Tori Y Moi

The chillwave artist included this track on his latest album, What For?

“Wilco” by Wilco

It is not only the title of the song and the band, but Jeff Tweedy also used it as the name of the album.

“Fernando” by ABBA

The Scandinavian quartet had many big hits, but this was the only one with a male in the title.

“Portobello” by Lords of the New Church

The eighties new wave band included this on their self-titled debut, memorable mostly for the line “If voting made any difference, they would make it illegal.