Facebook Game – Music Pet

Music Pets is yet another pet game which is available to the Facebook community. This game however is a bit more different from the other pet games I have encountered so far. Developed by Conduit Labs, this game provides an addition twist to how pet games work.


Music Pets is about raising a pet and also having music in their life. Sounds a bit out of the ordinary but for those really like music should like this pet game.

The game starts you off with the screen selection of the Pet you want to have. From there you will choose a name and also a gender for your Pet. Unlike most other pet games, Music Pets does not allow you to change the look of your pet; instead the look is fixed by the developers. For my case, I choose a baby fox for this review. (Yes, I love fox)

Once you have picked which pet you want, you will then be asked to pick the room that you wish your pet to live in. After all that is done the game will provide you with a selection screen. This screen will allow you to pick the artist or music albums that you will see and hear during the games. Music selection is rather limited and not all songs provided will be suitable for everyone’s taste.

After that decision making, your pet will be placed in his or her new home. This is where you will be visited by the Mayor of Pet City and you will be show how the game works.

The first thing you are asked to do is to ask your Pet to “fetch” you an album in the city. From there you will be provided 3 songs to play per-day. Playing songs on Music Pets will allow your pet to regenerate their happy points which in turn can be used for training your pets and earn some rewards.

Your pet will also have an energy bar which will allow him or her to do other specific task like fetching new songs and add it into your play list.

In order to retain some of your happy points in the game, the Mayor will tell you that you can replenish it by playing a song in your album collection, consume happy fruits/food and visit your friends pet and socialize a bit.

Now we will look a bit into the environment, it will be rather empty at first in the game and while you can always visit friends and the mayor’s resident, nothing much can be done during the first stage of the game.

So let us head to the training, the training is more like a mini-game for your pet and so far, I only found 1. This is rather a drop a ball and hit what you can on the screen type of the mini-game. The goal to this game is to hit the name of the album or artists that you have selected on the screen. Once players complete the game, this will add to your collection points and also reward you with some money.

Your pet also needs to eat once in a while, so do visit the chef and get the food needed to keep your pet energy level. Food is not free so you need to spend a bit on your credits to get it.

Finally the game allows you to decorate your pet’s house. This is what you find in most pet games inventory from bed, to table furniture and to posters. You can do this after you gain enough credits and to make your pet as comfortable as possible.


From the look of the graphic, this game is nothing to be WOW at as it looks the same as any other pet games in Facebook. Animation is limited and nothing much to do then to talk around the room or play with your pet. You cannot even personalize your pet much, only thing offer is to change color on their furs.


The best in the game, but one level lower the Super Dance. Music is very nice to listen to and you can choose from various artists on your play list. Famous Artist like U2 and also Lady GAGA is provided for player to choose any, however if player need more collection or the selection of songs is not available, player will have to buy it from the internet. I bet real world currency will be involved if player wants their music to appear in the game. Please do bear in mind that most of the songs listed in the game are not up to date and if players do need the latest one, they will have to purchase it.


Music Pets is a very nicely done pet game with wonderful music. This game is for those who enjoy raising their pets and enjoy quality music in Facebook. Other than that it is just another pet simulator in Facebook.

I personally give this game 4 out of 5.