Evil Ex and Vegan Villain, Todd Ingram

This is a funny Halloween costume for your vegetable lovers – we like to call it the Evil Vegan. Based on one of the antagonists from the graphic novel series adapted into recent comedy flick, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” this humorous costume is great for a guy who wants an easy, no-fuss Halloween costume. As a nemesis of Scott Pilgrim, this narcissistic, arrogant character named Todd Ingram is played by actor Brandon Routh of “Superman” movie fame. Instead of donning the blue lycra superhero suit, Routh transforms into a vegan villain wearing pretty regular guy clothing.

The Todd Ingram villain costume consists of a pair of white jeans with a black belt and a white t-shirt marked with the number 3 – the number 3 represents the fact this herbivorous dude is the #3 evil ex boyfriend of Ramona, the love interest of Scott Pilgrim (played by perennial dork, Michael Cera). Of course, if you’ve seen the movie, you know that Ingram’s downfall and subsequent loss of this vegan superpowers was caused when the soy milk in his coffee was swapped out with real dairy – yuck, yuck, phewy!

To give a Todd Ingram teen costume those final, believable touches, pair your white jeans and shirt with a pair of Converse-like, black canvas sneakers black-and-white striped wrist bands. Add Hollywood makeup artist touches by spiking your platinum blonde hair up with gel and wearing white sclera contacts (special effects colored contacts that cover the entire iris and pupil. The character of Todd Ingram had all white eyes with no color at all that would glow and smoke when he was in full evil vegan villain form. Sources say that the effect was actually created with CGI technology in movie editing, but FX contacts can easily achieve the same look.

Another costume idea — you could also carry around a blow-up prop guitar because this character is a bass player for a band called Clash at Demonhead. Remember – don’t cheat on your diet and let the vegan police get you!