Do You Really Know Tango Music and Tango Dance

Tango music is very different to what we listen today in popular culture. In fact it has all the flavours required to make one happy because the music is lively, rhythmic and the same time soulful. Starting from soft tango there is the hard tango and also the ones where the dance becomes extremely sensual, more so because of the songs. Therefore the music as well as the dance form has become extremely popular all over the world, no matter which country you take into consideration.

As we all know, tango originated in Argentina, it was the local dance of that place. However, as time went by, more and more people got attracted to this form of dancing and singing. Actually it is one form of culture where the sheer enthusiasm and fun of dancing tango is very prominent. Therefore no wonder, tango is called the happy dance because it does make you happy and charged up. Tango music was not that well known and people usually associate it with tango dance. However, today tango can be danced to almost any song as long as you can keep up with the rhythm and dance perfectly. However, tango music was the original music for this dance. It was the soulful and high speed whirls that this music allowed which gave tango dance its popularity. Today, most people would love to believe that the songs to which tango is danced are all tango songs. However that is not true.

When you think of the word tango music what is the first image that comes to your mind? Surely you must be thinking of the varied colourful beauty of Argentina. One country which is filled with natural treasures and a culture that is so colourful and lively that it is the general impression that people out there are rather happy and contented with their lives. The country, one might say is driven by a passion, the passion of tango, the passion that is required to dance tango, the passion with which you can possibly turn your whole life around into one beautiful moment. If you want to feel some of the passion of the culture of Argentina, if you truly have a knack for tango listen to the most beautiful and fast paced tango songs available on the planet when surfing on the web.

But, how will you dance to the tango music?

Well, it is very easy and two steps is all that you need to remember. Firstly, make sure that you hold your partner properly. For dancing properly, embracing to the rule is very essential. Your embrace will determine how graceful your dance is. Secondly, you have to know about the beats and at which beat to take control of your partner. Tango is one dance where there is equal division of power between the male and the female of the couple. At one time the male leads whole at the other the woman. So basically, its from the fifth step that you should be careful to change. Dance and enjoy tango now!