DJing Class Reunions Confidently and Effectively

How frustrating is it to DJ a class reunion? These events are probably the most annoying parties to DJ due to the ego’s of the guests attending trying to look and sound “cool” to classmates who thought they were “cool in school”. This is an informative article offering tips of effective music programming techniques and perfect responses to annoying guests. By the end of this article you should be confident and excited to DJ class reunions.

The Ego’s of the party really depends on how old the crowd is. The older the crowd, generally, the more tame a crowd you’ll have. The younger the crowd, prepare yourself for a night of bad requests, people telling you how to do your job and what to play, a few insults, and possibly the longest night of your life!

This article will teach you about choosing appropriate music, ways to format your music program, and what to say when guests come up to you when guests have requests and what to say to those guests who try telling you how to do your job. If you take this advice, you’ll actually have a TON of fun DJing Class Reunions. Learn to Stay Cool and have fun because You have Total Control!

Hour 1: Choosing Music

What Year did they Graduate: Look up on the internet “Top Songs” from the year they graduated. Like, “Top Songs from 1994” if the class graduated in 1994. Make sure you put together a bunch of songs from that year and a few top songs from “around” that time period. EX. From 1993 and 1995. For about the first hour you want to play this type of music.

Hour 2: Play Some Current up-beat top 40 rock stuff

Hour 3: Open up the dance floor with Current Beat Music (Current Hip-Hop and some Current Rock Beat Music)

Hour 4: Play a few slow love songs for the couples to dance to and then open up the dance floor again with some really good dance music (try different sets and see how the crowd responds: Older hip-hop, Motown, Classic Rock Dance Set, Spanish music if the crowd may like Spanish (if the crowd looks like they like it keep going with it, if they look like they are getting bored, change up the set.)

End the night by asking the host what song their class song was. Play That and your night musically should have been a great success.

What do you Say When Guests request songs? “I’ve already played that” or “I’ll work that in later on”

What do you say when a guest tells you what music you should be playing? You can say politely, “Thanks for the suggestion, but let me be the DJ and go enjoy yourself with your friends, we’ll get to your stuff later” (smile)

When guests really, really want a song and they are pushy but not rude, they say things, like; “Come on if you play (This Song) everyone will dance to it.” (people hardly ever do). Say ok. Play their song and announce that this person requested (THAT SONG) and said everyone would dance to it. People will then be hesitant to request songs, leaving you in control of the party.

What do you do when a guest gets belligerent about requests? With a smile say: “Would you like to DJ?” Show them your mixing board, and say, “ok have fun”. Then walk away leaving them behind your booth, watch how fast they panic.

This is your party, your music, and you will never see these people again, so be super confident in your choices and decisions. Always be as polite as possible and never get angry (this shows that you are losing control). If people ever get super angry at you and may pose a danger, shut your equipment off, pack up, and leave. It’s not worth you getting emotionally destroyed or hurt. Stay Cool and Calm because you really are a great DJ!