Did Eminem Ever Freestyle Battle Eyedea?

A single of the most popular subcultures of the genre of a hip hop is the art of freestyle struggle rapping. More than the many years, many of the most popular rappers and this artwork type have went on to sort quite thriving occupations in the music recording marketplace. Without the need of battling remaining the catalyst for their fame and lover foundation, it is really unlikely that they would have in any other case received this amount of money of good results. A lot of lovers of these rappers, and other famous rappers alike, are incredibly intrigued in hearing the particulars of alleged freestyle battles that have long gone down among them and other individuals in the previous. Some of these alleged clashes of lyrical wits have long gone on to turn into section of rap legend, with pretty few people today knowing the correct specifics of what went on, other than the two rappers concerned individually.

While lots of of these alleged rap battles have become really well-known more than the years, none of them are pretty as talked about as the alleged match involving hip hop icon Eminem and underground freestyle struggle rapping legend Eyedea. Fans in rap circles all all-around the world have constantly been chattering about this alleged fight for a long time on stop, but have under no circumstances occur to a definitive summary or respond to.

Basic consensus states that this match has hardly ever transpired and it would have been unachievable for these two to satisfy under any situations in any way. This is supported by the geographical destinations of each and every wrapper getting so significantly away from a person one more. It is observed that whilst the two of these emcees made use of to be frequent regulars on the battle circuit, they never ever went up in the identical occasion as each individual other officially or unofficially, earning it very unlikely that they had a personal struggle a single on just one.

One more purpose pointing to the unlikelihood of this match developing, is the reality that no witnesses have at any time stepped ahead to testify to the match at any time going down. In addition, neither Eminem nor Eyedea have ever said that this match happened, earning the probability of its occurrence incredibly not likely.

But on the opposite to the aforementioned factors, which are pretty valid, there is one particular individual who promises to have the footage on film. Phillip Drummond, a person of the pioneers in freestyle struggle footage, has found thousands of typical battles surface are living, in front of him. Accountable for throwing the extremely prosperous Intellect Games 2 fight, he is one particular of the most famous folks included in rap battling today. And he himself claims that he is the sole man or woman who has this footage. Regretably when questioned by lots of fans to check out it, he turns them down instantly, occasionally in violent vogue, leaving struggle fans stunned and in the dark as to no matter whether or not the fight basically took position.

So in conclusion, at this stage in time there is no unique evidence which back links these 2 lyrical warriors with each other officially. But right until Phillip Drummond is established a liar about his footage, the thriller will absolutely reside on to battle one more day.