Book Review: Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls’ by Fleur Britten, a Book to Help Girls Gain Confidence

Fleur Britten is a British author who is commissioning editor of the Sunday Times Style newspaper. Britten has written 5 books on unconventional topics that have attracted a niche clientele of readers. Her book ‘Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls’ is her latest book. It runs into 223 pages and has some lovely photographs that enhance the appeal of the book.

Debrett’s is a specialist publisher, founded in 1769. The name Debrett’s honours the name of John Debrett a publisher who died in 1822. This publishing firm publishes a special class of books and all the books of Britten are published by Debrett’s.

What is Etiquette

Etiquette is usually defined as the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Fleur Britten has written a marvelous book on etiquette for girls. It’s a topical subject and one that will interest a lot of readers, not necessarily girls.

In a nutshell Fleur Britten has written a book that will guide a girl in taking the right steps in her everyday life. Etiquette is not a constant code of behavior but changes with time and eras. What was good etiquette a hundred years back may not be so good in the 21st century. With the changing values in everyday life for etiquette, Fleur Britten has written a really informative book that guides a girl in all matters of etiquette in the present age.

Etiquette for Girls

The book ‘Etiquette for Girls’ is an essential guide for a girl in the 21st century. It explains how a girl should behave in her everyday life. Britten covers all aspects of a social situation that a girl may come across. She covers all social situations including man management. This is a term that is very important in the modern age.

By Man management Britten means all social situations from flirting to one night stands and love affairs, crushes and breakups. These are situations that can confront a young girl at any time. A whirlwind romance could land a girl in bed with a man about who she knows nothing. In addition she may love a man or break with him. Fleur Britten writes with confidence on these aspects. These are situations that a girl is likely to face in modern society. Britten writes reassuringly on these aspects and gives good advice to a girl. She stresses on how a girl should behave and react in such social situations.

Etiquette in Other Fields

Britten also touches on a wide variety of topics other than dating and love affairs. She advises a girl how to dress and behave on occasions like dining out, socializing or entertaining at home. She advises how a girl should behave so as to please everybody. Britten further dwells on the high flying aspects of social behaviors like attending polo matches or flying as a guest in a private jet. Such a situation could arise in any girls life as her poise and looks may bring her in contact with the cream of affluence people. Her chapter on office etiquette is particularly welcome and give sane advice as to how a girl can get ahead in her work place.

In the present times when many girls work in the office in a variety of jobs, this chapter by Fleur Britten is like a godsend and opens a door to the world of office etiquette.

Britten has a special chapter on conversation and how to avoid some dreaded bloomers. She emphasizes poise and demeanor with the right choice of phrases and words in a conversation. Her advice is excellent and sure to give greater confidence to a girl who reads this book and practices what is advised. Lastly her book has some lovely photographs that enhance its appeal.

Last word

Etiquette is subject that appeals to all and young girls will find this book helpful. Its presentation is nice and the book easy to read and understand.

Britten’s ‘Etiquette for Girls’ is a topical book and an essential guide for a girl about town. Presently the author resides in London. In addition to this book, the other books written by Fleur Britten are On the Couch, Hg2; a hedonists Guide to London and A Hedonists Guide to Milan. All her books are very well received by the public at large.