Become the Ultimate Womanizer! How to Get More Than One Date Every Night and Have Women Chasing You!

If you love to play the field and do not want to take the plunge with any single girl or woman then you could embark on a dating spree with different dates.

In fact, if you play your cards right, you could easily end up with more than one date in a night. Here are 7 ways on how to pull it off.

The 1st way is to circulate within different groups of friends and to date only one girl from each group. This will ensure that no two girls discuss their dates with each other since that could simply blow your cover off.

The 2nd tip is to fix up different timings with different girls and to allow a margin of error to take care of any delays such as a flat tire, your date leaving late, etc.

The 3rd tip is to ensure that you take your date to a restaurant, disco, pub or movie that is near her residence since it will allow you to quickly drop her home before proceeding to your next date.

The 4th tip is to keep an extra set of clothes in your car so that you can change in-between your dates. This will eliminate any perfume smells or lipstick marks from spooking your next date away.

The 5th tip is to simply saunter in from one bar to another if you have not fixed up any date. You never know whom you might meet up and once you have finished one date, you can simply saunter into the next bar to get lucky again.

The 6th tip is to search for girls that are much more open minded. If you do manage to do so then you could easily have more than one date in a night with the express permission from all your dates.

The 7th tip would be to simply get a job in avenues that attract lots of girls and women such as a bartending job or as a dance or exercise coach. While you will certainly require the right skills for the job, you will also be able to enjoy many dates in a single night without any problem.

These 7 tips will surely enable you to enjoy multiple dates in one night without any worries. Use them and turn each night into a special one.