Beat Thang – Desktop Beat Making at Its Best

Are you looking to get into music production by making your own beats? That’s great, and the best part is, it has never been easier to get started. It wasn’t too long ago that anyone who wanted to get into music production needed a ton of expensive gear or access to expensive music studios in order to do so. Nowadays, beat making can be done right on your desktop by using software specifically designed to create great sounding beats.

Beat Thang is a desktop beat maker that is just one of those tools you could consider for the job. But the best way to decide if a program like this is right for you let’s consider the critical elements any serious musician should think about before buying such a program.

1. High quality samples and presets. If you are a serious musician it makes no sense at all to use a program that can only create beats in MP3 format. This kind of compression and quality is fine for online work, but if you are trying to make songs and beats that rival the big music players out there you need something that can make studio quality beats. Therefore find a beat making program that has high quality 44.1 hz Wav file samples and sounds. This is the industry standard format for songwriting, plus it will make editing your song a lot easier as you will often need to jump from your main music editor like Pro Tools, back over to your beat maker in order to tweak verses, choruses and hooks, and if you have to constantly change the sample rate it’ll just plain be a pain.

2. Can you make more then a 4 bar loop? This is the biggest issue for me for any beat maker. Let’s face it, you have zero hope in cold a day in you know where of creating a decent song that has any chance of get licensed if you try and use a beat maker that can only crank out 4 bar loops. Leave those tools for the amateurs. If you are serious about your songwriting and beat making skills, use a program that is designed to structure and build a complete song, with complex layered bars and measures.

3. Affordability. This is another big factor to consider in a beat making program. There are tons of high end beat maker programs out there that can cost hundreds of dollars, but are they worth it? For most of us, the best solution is to find a program that is easy to use and learn, and is affordable enough to not break the bank.