Barcode Trio Introduce Us to Their License to Dwell

Jack Pescod grooves like no pianist I have found in latest decades. The hooks are catchy, the harmonies tough, neat and progressive. It is pretty much as if Jimmy Page or Albert Hammond Jr. experienced turned to Jazz piano.

While not as ‘commercial’ or at least ‘poppy’ as some of the other piano trios working in Northern Europe at the current, the Barcode Trio are at the forefront of the jazz scene, with a blistering stay act to whip up the most conservative of audiences.

Regularly, and as a consequence of their tendencies to crossover, they have been when compared to EST. Despite the fact that a reference to the Ramsey Lewis Trio would perhaps be a far more apt comparison for the Barcode Trio, offered that both acts enjoy slipping into more dance-like and ‘turn the celebration out’ grooves.

The staple concept of the repertoire of the Barcode Trio is not to improvise thoughts from the woodshed as significantly as additional regular jazz bands might like, but instead to improvise about the groove including melodic, repetitive and infectious riffs over the prime. As a final result their set is cleverly manufactured with effectively imagined out unison parts sent with youthful spirit and enthusiasm.

Pescod is a male possessed when at the keyboard. His entire body oozes piano riffery as he runs up and down the keyboard with all the grace and fireplace of a virtuoso. The enthusiasm is there in abundance, the pleasure as he tears by means of N.W.O. and the exclamations as he voices alongside to his fingers.

Sam Nadel on drums and Herbert Gracey on the bass lay it down in your pocket even though Pescod directs and intuits. A will have to have album for devotees to an act that are just scratching at the floor and a stay act not to be skipped.