Are You Sick And Tired Of Adam Lambert Lyrics?

Adam Lambert, we’ve all heard about him, and we’ve all heard of that famous song on the radio “Whataya Want From Me”, but what is he trying to express in the lyrics of his hit songs?

“Just don’t give up….I’m working it out….please don’t give in…I won’t let you down…” Seems like a pretty great message to me. In previous interviews, Adam has said that his “Whataya Want From Me” song really explains his life of being unique and bothered by the Paparazzi, and people running with their camcorders trying to get him on tape. His life is very hectic, and that is exactly what this song interprets….or does it? Are Adam Lambert Lyrics just words written down on paper to sing, or do they have a true meaning behind them? As some of you may heard, the song “Whataya Want From Me” was originally written by P!nk, and given to Adam to add to his new album of ’09 after the American Idol Finale broke out with results of Kris Allen being the winner. That never held Adam back, and he successfully produced an album with songs borrowed from P!nk, Muse, and the famous pop singer Lady Gaga.

Adam didn’t ‘steal’ demo songs or anything of that sort from singers, they were given to him. To be made better, and to create a cool edgy theme to them. The Adam Lambert Lyrics in “Fever” were slightly changed to suite Adams style. Instead of Lady Gaga’s original lyrics in that song as “There she goes, my baby walks so slow…”, Adam changed the verse simply to “There HE goes, my baby walks so slow…” So do people think that Adam Lambert Lyrics need to be completely ‘Adam-Written’?

Probably, but don’t forget he did write most portions of his music, like the hot, catchy head-bopping song “If I Had You” that brings out Adams dating side in his life. “So I got my boots on, got the right amount of leather and I’m doing me up with a black-color liner…” If this doesn’t explain enough evidence that he really is trying to add his own traits in his songs, I don’t know what will. Kara DioGuardi helped produce this song with Adam, and it perfectly flows with his glamorizing, accessorizing looks. If you are a fan of Adam, you will completely understand all of his tough work he’s been through in the making of his music, like his clubby– synthesizing beat “For Your Entertainment” which debuted in November for his new releasing album. His songs are original, and pretty unique from most popular artists on the radio I must say.

If the Adam Lambert Lyrics haven’t fully evolved on you, we know Eminem already has heard of Adam Lambert, and frankly it seems he is dissing Adam a bit in his OWN lyrics, and he is annoyed of these American Idol stars. “Sorry, Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain’t gonna make it, they get so mad, when I call them both fake-its…” Adam was interviewed about what he thought about Eminem talking about him that way in his song, and he just proudly replied to the interviewer with a sarcastic twist: “Well, you know, he used a word that’s not necessarily very nice, but I’m sure he’s got some sort of justification for it. And I’m not going to take it personally. It’s cool, Eminem!” Adam said, giving a sarcastic thumbs up. “If you get mentioned in an Eminem song, you’re doing something right. And I’m sure he was planning on creating some controversy, because he’s a smart guy.”

So, there you have it, if you are sick and tired of Adam Lambert and his lyrics, then why not just listen to Eminem, he’s got a great, wonderful variety of his own, RAW lyrics, but then again, according to Eminem, you can sing about whatever you want, and it’s right to talk crap about celebrity’s who have done no harm to you, right?