Angel Lore

Versions of the word “angel” occur in many different languages around the world. The Greek word angelos translates to “messenger” and is considered the basis for modern-day literary interpretations.

The concept of angels have been around since before we began to mark time and long before any organized religion. Angels appear in writings of many cultures, where they are described as winged, powerful beings who bear a resemblance to humans. They are also messengers between God and man. It is believed that at birth everyone is given two guardian angels.

In Christian literature, angels predate the creation of Earth, as the first War in Heaven occurred sometime before the seven days God spent creating the world.

In the 13th century, angels were put in paintings and literature, when angels were believed to move the stars, and govern the planets. Some of angels from films and books are as follows:

• Aziraphale The Good Omen by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (1990)

• Balthamos His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman (2008)

• Raziel The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (2015)

• Zauriel Helmet of Fate from DC Comics (2007)

• Dill Scar Night by Alan Campbell (2006)

Types of Angels:

There are many types of angels. Most don’t even come in contact with the human race. Only a small group gets the privilege of guiding humans.

The first order includes the Seraphim, who serve at Gods foot and sing his praise.

The second are the Cherubim. They exist just beyond the throne. They are the guardians of light and stars. They are the keepers of all knowledge and secrets, both Divine and Earthly.

Thrones are pretty much the judges of the divine law and passing sentence upon the guilty. These are the last of the echelon.

Angels of the Cosmos. The second house of angels maintains an orderly unification between the spiritual and corporeal universes. This calling enables the angels to pass often between the two planes of existence. These angels will sometimes, but rarely, come into contact with humankind, which magnifies their risk for compromise by man’s flaws. Those who are purest are the most susceptible to impurity.

The second chori of the hierarchy are the Dominions. Their primary purpose is to maintain the lines of communication between the spiritual and material worlds so that, when Word comes down from The Creator, it is clearly and quickly spread through the whole universe.

Next are the Virtues, who act as channelers of vast energies from The Creator and His closet orders. Their job is to pour the unending supply of spiritual energy from the Heavens to the material worlds, where it can seep into the collective human consciousness, and bestowing blessings.

Last among The Angels of the Cosmos are the Powers. Overseers of all the laws binding the physical realm, they are the guardians of peace, harmony, and order. It is known that they keep count of the births and deaths of God’s followers throughout history, and they hold historical knowledge of the world. The Powers patrol the borders of Heaven and before his fall, Samael, used to be their leader.

The final house of angels are called The Angels of Earth, they are, however, involved with all affairs of mankind. Their presence is almost a constant in everyday lives of humans, listening and influencing. The Principalities are the bearers of the social mores necessary for successful poetics and administration within the Earthly realm. They specialize in working with large groups and creating positive energies so that relations can flow.

The Archangels are the second level of The Angels of Earth, and are the best known of the angelic orders. They answer prayers, which is why people are aware of them.

The final order of this group is called, simply, Angels. Their focus is the guardianship of humanity, and the entire material world.

There are a lot more to these winged beings then what we know of… more to come.