Alternate 3: Evidence that we Landed on Mars in 1962

“Alternative 3” was the last documentary done by the properly revered “Science Report” of Anglia Television in England on April 1st 1977. In just an hour of broadcasting the television station issued a hurried statement stating that the exhibit was a hoax.

We believe that the film is 95% fake but that 5% of it is the most crucial footage of the 20th Century and fully exact. That is the NASA footage of folks on Mars. We consider that much of the tale is also the truth of the matter.

Aside from filming the present on April 1st, the producers later stated that the demonstrate was faux. It was very obvious at the conclude of the movie that something was fake because nearly every single solitary individual filmed on the demonstrate was an actor, not authentic footage. It truly is a big let-down when the list of credits job at the finish, and a resource of key confusion if you are anticipating that this whole matter is true. We consider that there is no way that a highly regarded documentary would be express that it was developed on April 1st except if it was made a decision beforehand that that was what they preferred to do.

The men and women who created this clearly show risked a Large amount. They risked that individuals would under no circumstances yet again have confidence in that just about anything on Tv set or portrayed by science is the truth. Nonetheless, we imagine that someone felt that this chance was worthy of getting because they necessary to DISCREDIT THE NASA TAPE OF MARS and the story that went with it, just before somebody bought it out to the public.

Keep in mind, in the instances we are in, “DISCERNMENT ” is a Key Potential. Discover to belief your instinct, your gut inner thoughts, your “knowingness” though at the exact time becoming as rational as Sherlock Holmes.

The Tv Present “Alternative 3” commences off as an investigation of the “Mind Drain” of England where hundreds of best researchers ended up leaving the state. Then it turns out that 24 of these experts just vanished, never to be read from all over again.

The identify “Substitute 3” arrives from the 3rd of three diverse propositions to conserve the human species from extinction in the occasion that people are wiped off from world earth by international warming, catastrophes and so forth.

Just one male mailed a reel of video tape to an editor at a newspaper whom he was mates with. He then drives to meet up with with this editor but is killed in a car crash right before he will get there. The Science Report Television Present gets maintain of the tape but there is only static on the tape.

Afterwards a different male who has connections with NASA presents to the Science Report a decoder circuit board from NASA which tends to make the tape viewable.

What you will see on this tape may do for you what it did for me – my hair stood on conclude (I consider this is an sign of the fact). It exhibits the see by means of a window of some sort of traveling vehicle that is flying more than the surface of Mars. You see a blue sky and you can listen to American and Russians in the qualifications cheer that they have located everyday living on Mars, when they see a small burrowing animal on the floor.

The ‘bad guys’ have a religious regulation that they have to inform you what is heading on, it is just that they you should not have to portray the reality in any distinct way. Hence there is much real truth in several films. We feel that the motion picture “Complete Recall” has things of real truth in it also. Al Bielek, survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment, said that he remembers being taken to Mars and seeing ancient equipment like these on Whole Remember, and that these equipment have been utilized to recreate an atmosphere there, which experienced been locked up in the soil.

Interestingly, they mentioned this very same idea in Choice 3 – that the atmosphere had been locked up in the soil.

Following the display, a guide came out referred to as “Alternate 3” by Leslie Watkins. Here is what Leslie Watkins experienced to say:

Positioned in the general public area from the VANGARD SCIENCES archives on October 28 1989. PO BOX 1031, Mesquite, TX 75150. Voice cell phone (Jerry 214-324-8741…Ron 214-484-3189 KeelyNet (214) 324-3501

The Truth about Alternative 3 from its author, Leslie Watkins

(This write-up is taken from the Windwords e-newsletter) deal with not accessible

In our June difficulty, we explained to you about the controversial e book Alternate 3, by British writer Leslie Watkins. In out endeavor to find out if the stunning theories in the e book have been legitimate, we known as Avon Guides, the American publisher they reported the e book was out of print in the states.

We named Penguin Books in London and observed that it was stated on their NON-FICTION record.

A senior editor there informed us that it was officially categorized as FICTION Centered ON Simple fact.

The author’s agent instructed us it was most certainly fiction.

We wrote to the writer himself to try to get the real story, and in this article is the letter he sent us.

Pricey Ms. Dittrich: Thank you for your letter, which reached me today. By natural means, I am delighted by your fascination in Alternative 3 and by the point that you approach to offer it in the Windwords bookstore. I will definitely cooperate in any way I can.

The correct description of Alternate 3 was supplied to you by the representative from Penguin Guides. The book is based on actuality, but uses that simple fact as a launchpad for a Superior DIVE INTO FICTION. In response to your distinct questions:

1) There is no astronaut named Grodin. 2) There is no Sceptre Television and the described Benson is also fictional. 3) There is no Dr. Gerstein. 4) Sure, a “documentary” was televised in June 1977 on Anglia Television, which went out to the whole nationwide community in Britain. It was called Option 3 and was penned by David Ambrose and produced by Christopher Miles (whose names were on the e book for contractual causes).

This initial Tv set variation, which I EXPANDED IMMENSELY for the e-book, was Essentially A HOAX which had been scheduled for transmission on April Fools’ Day. For the reason that of specific troubles in getting the proper network slot, the transmission was delayed. The Tv set application did lead to a tremendous uproar due to the fact viewers refused to believe it was fiction.

I in the beginning took the perspective that the standard premise was so way-out, specifically the way I aimed to present it in the e-book, that no a single would regard it as non-fiction. Quickly right after publication, I recognized I was absolutely completely wrong.

In point, the wonderful mountains of letters from pretty much all pieces of the globe- which includes broad numbers from extremely intelligent individuals in positions of duty-certain me that I had Accidentally trespassed into a array of top-secret truths.

Documentary evidence provided by several of these correspondents made the decision me to write a critical and Completely NON-FICTION sequel.

However, a upper body containing the bulk of the letters was among the goods which were mysteriously Shed IN TRANSIT some 4 decades when I moved from London, England, to Sydney, Australia, ahead of I moved on to settle in New Zealand.

For some time following Substitute 3 was initially posted, I have cause to suppose that my household phone was being tapped and my contacts who ended up expert in these kinds of matters ended up confident that certain intelligence businesses deemed that I possibly realized far too a great deal.

So, summing up, the reserve is FICTION Dependent ON Simple fact. But I now feel that I inadvertently obtained Incredibly Shut TO A Secret Reality. I hope this is of some enable to you and I glimpse forward to hearing from you once again.

With best needs, Leslie Watkins

Captain Invoice Robertson in a Lecture he gave in 1990 built these responses on the NASA footage which arrives at the end of the Alternate 3 exhibit. It would show up that Captain Invoice thinks the complete online video to be legitimate, but his opinions are of fascination hardly ever-the-less. (Resource: pages/substitute3.html)

And you are going to see it and are going to see and evaluate what it truly indicates.

This is the intended landing on Mars 1962 by the Us residents. Which is the tape.

Now the matter he said at the past, he suggests – Boy, when they take the wraps off this, it will be the major day in historical past. 22nd May perhaps 1962, we are on Mars and we have lifetime.

Now, we’re gonna enjoy this – I will exhibit you a thing intriguing. Alright let us pause. All suitable, here you go. Search let us 1st of all analyze the likelihood that this was produced in Hollywood. If they did make it in Hollywood what would be the position of generating it so solution that they had to get rid of individuals to continue to keep it from getting recognised? Would they just be doing it to…Why would they hold it a mystery, if they built it in Hollywood? They would want everyone to know about it and say – Glimpse we landed on Mars! and they never said that. So what would they want it for as a pretend, and how could this professor have recorded it coming from outer room, this tape, if they manufactured it in Hollywood, you see. So let us acquire their term for it is correct. They did destroy plenty of folks, they threatened the radio station with closing the license – I mean the tv with closing the license of the method, they did hearth the people who labored on it. And when the e book came out they banned it in The us. So realizing all people indicators of a solution conspiracy likely on, let’s consider it as a real tape, but let us examine it as to what is the authentic reality.

Appear at that porthole they are having the pictures out of. That is not from an earth kind spacecraft. That has a sq., curved outer hull surface, and it can be incredibly slender as you can see. There’s no bolts, you fully grasp, and all that things they have on American and Russian spacecrafts. Right, it can be really major. You try to remember the 1st spaceships that went up. They had small small holes in them like that with bolts, like on a ship. That’s the very first stage I want you to see. Now I want you to see a thing else listed here. There, you see the curves? Aha, you see this – stand by to scan, which is what he claimed. Now enjoy this, watch what comes about to the picture. See how slowly and gradually it is relocating? The usa and Russia hardly ever experienced any spaceships that are landing on the Moon, landing on any other world that could slow down and do this. Look at this: the ship is rotating, slowly. Then it stops – Stand by to shift on. Watch… see there, now they are back again on the landing pattern.

If you analyze this from an aeronautical place of view, you have the ship coming in. All of a sudden it stops, rotates all around like this stand by to go-ahead, resume landing. Does that remind you of nearly anything? It reminds you of the tales of “flying saucers”. They go, they end, they shift about a tiny little bit, they go. All proper. What is actually that? (I never noticed that one particular prior to.) Alright, we go on with the assessment.

That, see this? Every single time they modify manner you can find interference on the transmission, or they have stopped the transmission and begun it again. This interference with any radio transmission frequency is induced by a large intensity electromagnetic area. Also this is in the tales of UFO stories wherever people’s car or truck radios prevent and the pilots, their compass goes close to like this. There are also stories composed how, certainly, UFO’s are controlled by high depth electromagnetic fields. And if you have been broadcasting from there back again to Earth you would count on the broadcast to be interfered with each individual time they experienced to modify the controls, altitude or route of the flying saucer, and it does!

And now… observe once again. Now look how little by little it really is likely. Temperature 4 degrees Celsius, 21 km/h wind. 707,7 Mb air force. 760 (is usual), no 1013 Mb. This is only 7/10 as substantially as Earth. Alright, next. I want you to notice this position they’re coming toward. You didn’t observe that, did you? There is certainly a tower, like a control tower. And there are 1, 2, 3 pads to land on, but they are only spherical ones, and they search like they are a hundred or so ft in diameter, 30-40 meter or a lot more. 1, 2, 3 and they are round. Now what could you land there if you have hardly ever been there in advance of? Could they have built a landing base, if they had hardly ever been there in advance of? Now view this when they land: They get to static again, due to the fact they have to put in the electromagnetic area. So you never see them truly landing there, but you can believe they are heading to land on this a person or 1 of these. Right. View that intently. You see that? There it is, there it comes. Stand by for landing. Let us do it once more, so you can see it. There are: 1, 2, and 3. You will find the creating. Now they are obviously sitting down on a single of the pads looking out away from the constructing. And now they see the brown incredibly carefully. Individuals… some variety of mole, a mole. Alright, now.

What the address-up was, what the key of Choice 3 was, which is nonetheless a mystery, is that the Individuals did get to Mars in 1962 with a radio and tv digital camera, but they didn’t make the ship. That was an alien flying saucer. You want to see it once more? This is the large secret. That’s what they didn’t want anyone to know. They had been just travellers. Imagine it…. on a flying saucer, you see it? The foundation, the small pads. Alright.

So I instructed you it would be astounding. I took you on a videotrip on a traveling saucer as the 1st issue. That’s how they work, just like that, you see it from the inside. How did you like that excursion? That was the big top secret of Different 3. The Individuals did not land on Mars. They took as passengers on a traveling saucer. All this Substitute 3 things was go over.

A DVD of alternate 3 is out there from

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