Afrobeat Music Instruments Needed to Form an Afrobeat Band: As Used by Fela Kuti and His Band

Instrument used for afrobeat music like those found in Fela Kuti’s afrobeat band are not so different from those used for other kinds of music, the only difference is that some instruments are used more than some. But generally many instruments are played in afrobeat music.

First of all afrobeat music is in a way similar to rock music because of the band concept. Like rock music, this genre of music uses the band concept which is usually made up of different instrumentalist playing together.

The different instruments and instrumentalist that makes up a band and are needed to form an afrobeat band:


This instrument is used for afrobeat music like many other kinds of genres of music. There are many kinds of drums used for this kind of music. An example is the conga drum. A drummer plays the drums as a member of the band.


The piano is a very important instrument used for afrobeat music. It is a prominent sound heard in many afrobeat tunes. Fela was a good pianist as seen in some of his live concerts. There are different kinds of pianos you can buy. 


This would have undoubtedly been the first instrument because It is right to say that without having a saxophone or saxophonist, you do not have afrobeat music or an afrobeat band. Playing this genre of  music without a saxophone is like rap music without a rapper. The sax is the king instrument in any afrobeat band that is usually played by the leader of the band. Fela Kuti was a prolific saxophonist. Same goes for his sons, Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti.Saxophone is also a major instrument played in jazz music.