Ad Blocking Technology and the Online Business Owner

Many browsers are now using ad blocking technology in order to attract users. This technology stops things like banner ads, pop-up ads, and even the basic click ads from even showing up on your window, making for ad free browsing. Although this is useful for the user, a lot of internet businesses are feeling threatened by this technology, fearing that they will not be able to get their message across to the public anymore. In truth though, ad blocking technology can work to your advantage, if you are savvy about it. Here is how:

1. Ad blocking saves you money. The problem with the pay per click style of advertising is that you get dinged even if someone accidentally clicks on your advertisement and this kind of accident is extremely common. Perhaps each click is only costing you a cent or two, but it quickly adds up. With the ad blocking, you don’t have to worry about accidental hits anymore.

2. Ad blocking forces you to be more creative-and thus stand out. Banner ads, pay per click ads, and pop-ups are boring and easily ignored anyway. With them no longer reaching people, you have to do some more work in your advertising and visibility efforts. Creativity means that you are more memorable-meaning that you stand a better chance of attracting customers.

3. No matter how prevalent ad blocking is, not everyone is going to use it anyway. Ad blocking sometimes costs extra as a part of a subscription fee, is part of a search engine people don’t like, or someone might decide to disable it. Regardless of the reason, ad blocking will never blanket the world, so why worry about it?

4. Random advertisements scattered across the internet should only be a fraction of your campaign. To be truly successful, you have to have visibility in several laces online, not just one, so if you lose your banner ads, then you should have a contingency plan in place anyway so that you don’t just grind to a halt.

5. If nothing else, you have one less kind of marketing to worry about which means you can spend more time on other varieties that work better or on expanding your business overall. Advertisement blocking is nothing to fear for the organized, creative, and savvy internet business owner. It is simply one more thing to be overcome in your mission to become a successful online business owner.