A Vision Statement For Your Music Career

Having a vision for your music career is the most important factor in achieving long-term success in the music industry. Having a vision for your music career can help you get success faster by giving you a strategy, a route to success. It can help you figure out the type of people you need to get connected with to help you get to where you are trying to go.

Finding your own personal vision for your music career leads you down the path to a life that will be most fulfilling to you. You will be fulfilling the dreams that you had for yourself and not the dreams that someone else had for you. You will be happier because you are being the artist that you want to be and that you planned to be. You are making the music that you wanted to make and living the life you wanted to live.

Here’s how you can get started writing a vision statement for your music career with this checklist:

1. Set aside 15 minutes to start writing your vision statement.

2. Ask yourself where do you want to be in the music industry five years from now

* What music genre are you in?

* Are you signed to a major record label? indie record label?

* How many albums are you selling a year? singles? downloads? ringtones?

* Are you touring? If so, how many people are coming to your shows? Where are you touring? locally?

regionally? nationally? internationally?

* What income are you making?

* Who are your fans? age? gender?

3. Now write down your vision using this format:

______________ (number of years), ____________ (your name/name of your music business) will become a successful ___________ (description of your music genre or description of your music business: include if it will be local, regional, national or international) by providing ____________ (description of your products and services) to __________ (description of your fans or customers).

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