70’s Classic Soul Hit

There is nothing better than being able to go back to your younger days to remember a song, a dance, your first love, and all the good times from the past. The first single taken from the PleasureMore debut project is the Stylistics’ “Break Up to Make Up.” PleasureMore produced the track and it is co-produced by fellow musician Arsdale Harris; they together takes this classic souls 70’s song and make it their own. The song was and still is a R&B favorite among slow jams for music lovers around the world.

The vocal range and dynamics are gracefully displayed in this cover song. Not too many recording artist today can do such a great job with revising classic songs of the 70’s. Yet, in this effort; the vocals and music touches the soul that brings back the good memories of yesterday.

Today’s recording artist record classic songs with the attempt to get recognized in a different genre, to be covered by the media and more importantly to display his or her talents and gifts with their audience; by sharing their versatility. When was the last time you heard such a well put together classic hit record?

For musicians and artist looking to be creative in their craft and to gain exposure and recognition, consider recording a good old school classic that was a smash hit back in the day. It does not matter what year the song was released, what matters is how well of a job you will do with revising and bringing a old song back to the hearing of their fan base with a new version.

By doing a song recorded a long time ago; in some cases it may also pique the interest of the original songwriter and publisher, they may take interest and help promote the song because they will be the recipients’ receiving the royalties’ checks if the remake is a hit.

Only time will tell if music lovers around the globe will response and enjoy a song that was one of their favorites from back in the day and accept an artist displaying his singing abilities to be recognized in a modern-day competitive industry.

Make no mistake about it, not all record producers and recording artist do such classic songs of old. PleasureMore has taken the challenge to show his producing skills, and has responded with the vocals to bring forth something new so his fans can hear and experience new music from a old school era.