3 Tips To Clean Your Skagen Watch Bands

‘Skagen Watch’ is named after the fantastic peninsular place named Skagen in North Denmark. Just like the picturesque landscape of the town, Skagen watch bands too find un-parallel presence in the global market.

As already known, though one of the most exotic watch bands are produced by Skagen, yet it is quite difficult at times to keep them equally clean! Keeping your Skagen watch bands clean is extremely important from its maintenance point of view. Since made of quality materials, it demands better care than others. Here come some of the best followed tips to keep the dirt off from your exotic beauty.

The three tips

1. Perfect Cleaner Mixture Preparation: This is the most essential of all steps. Exact proportions of two mixtures are to be made and then gently mixed. First prepare a water based ammonia solution in one container. Then in another put some concentrated alcohol and add water till it loses its odour. Once done, mix equal amounts of these two mixtures and gently wash it, preferably wear gloves while doing this.

2. Wiping the wetness off: It is always better to use a pure cotton cloth or a cotton puff itself to wipe off the solution mixture you used to clean the dirt before. This ensures scratch free cleaning of the bands.

3. Metal bands demand extra: The above is truly good for leather bands, but in case you are one of the elegant range users, it’s time to take extra care for the same. Do not forget to cover the watch dial (may be with a plastic) before applying the chemical mixture.

There has been a new Skagen watch band cleaner available in the global market, where the already prepared solution comes in forms of a conditioner which is gentle enough to be used in metal, leather or rubber bands equally.