10 Health Benefits of Listening to Music

You may have experienced feelings of happiness or calmness while hearing your favorite song. Some songs even bring back a lot of memories as well. The point is that some people can differentiate between noise and music. Actually, your brain contains pathways that can process different parts of music, such as tempo, rhythm, melody, and pitch. Let’s find out about some common health benefits of music. Read on to find out more.

If you listen to fast music, it may boost your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. On the other hand, slow music has the opposite effect. What happens is that when you listen to your desired music, your brain releases dopamine, which affects your mood. You may feel strong emotions like fear, sadness or joy. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and read some health benefits of music.

1. Mood Improvement

According to many studies, listening to music may have a positive impact on your overall well-being. It can regulate your emotions, make you happy and relax.

2. Stress Reduction

If you listen to relaxing music, you can experience a reduction in your stress levels. Typically, this type of music has no lyrics, low pitch, and slow tempo. Studies tell us that this type of music may reduce your anxiety and stress, especially in people who have had medical procedures, such as colonoscopy, dental, and surgery.

3. Anxiety Reduction

People with cancer can listen to music to experience reduced anxiety unlike those who get standard care only.

4. Exercise

According to some studies, music may help you get the most out of your exercise sessions. Basically, it can stimulate your mind and body, which is why you deliver much better performance.

5. Memory Improvement

Many research studies have shown rhythm and melody may help improve your memory. A study involving stroke survivors found that music helped them improve their memory and they enjoyed better concentration and reduced confusion.

6. Pain Reduction

Another study found that listening to music helped patients who were recovering from surgery. Their overall satisfaction level was higher than those who didn’t listen to any music during their process of recovery.

7. Comfort Provision

Music therapy can help you improve your communication skills. Apart from this, it can help you express your feelings of anger, loneliness, and fear, especially if you are fighting a serious illness.

8. Cognition Improvement

If you suffer from Alzheimer’s, listening to music can help you recover your lost memories. Apart from this, it may help you maintain some of your abilities as well.

9. Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a serious disorder in kids. If kids are allowed to listen to their favorite music, they may experience an improvement in their attention, communication, and social response skills.

10. Good for Babies

Lullabies and live music may bring improvement in the vital signs of a baby. So, the babies may show better feeding behavior.

Long story short, these are just some of the prominent benefits of listening to music. If you enjoy listening to music, you should make it part of your life to experience these benefits.