Types Of Elastics And, Their Uses In Clothing

We don’t pay attention to most of the things that are working around us and helping us in ways that we don’t realize. Today, we’ll explore and uncover one of those hidden boons – Elastic. Take a moment just to consider the benefits of elastic in your life and, how it works unnoticed to make our lives easier.

What Is Elastic?

It is a fabric that stretches due to its composition. Bands made of it are most frequently prepared by weaving together strands of rubber, latex, or other flexible material that can return to its original shape after being stretched or extended when force is released. There are different types of it so it’s important to use the right elastic for your project.

Types Of Elastics:

There are different type of elastics for different uses and purposes. The most popular kind of elastic is used in waistbands but that’s not the limit, there are various other instances where elastic can be used. Let’s look at some of the ways it can be used:

Knitted Elastic – This kind of elastic doesn’t roll and shows minimal shrinkage. It can be used in a lot of garments as it is soft against the skin and, doesn’t narrow when stretched. These are suitable for light to mid-weight fabrics. For the same reason knitted elastic is also good for baby clothing.

Woven Elastic – One of the strongest elastics. It is durable and by the very nature they are high-tension material which expands smoothly without getting narrowed. Often called “no roll” elastic because of its distinctive horizontal and vertical ribs. Woven plastic is used in mid to heavy-weight clothing.

Buttonhole Elastic – An elastic with buttonhole slots made 1 inch apart in non-knitted sections. This allows for easy waistline adjustments on children’s wear, maternity wear or whenever waistline adjustments are needed.

Fold-Over Elastic – It is soft on one side and smooth or printed on other side giving you the option to either side outside. It stays in place while sewing and, can be used instead of bias tape in necklines and edge of sleeves.

Drawstring Elastic – Drawstring elastic have one drawstring inside it. Mostly it is used to create the perfect size and in creating resistance in it. It is a good choice for sweatpants, gym shorts, or other casual sportswear.

These are not the only types of elastics; the list extends to a lot of industries and areas of function. But the clothing and textile industry uses these majorly. So, exploit the power of these unnoticed magical pieces of cloth to make your lives easier.